So ross had helped fans with cutting before?



Hey girl, are you okay? We miss you :(


Yeah I’ve just been insanely busy with school but thanks for checking up :)

I self harm and im trying to stop but i am going to an r5 concert and im scared that ros might see my cuts. If he does see them what would say? Or would he say anything at all?


First of all, please take a moment to really analyze your situation and try and fix or destroy the problems that are making you harm yourself rather than cutting. You are so much better than that and know that that isn’t the solution to long term happiness. Ross, if he notices it, either will be polite and not comment on it or will try and comfort you with words. He’s done it before with other fans and you shouldn’t worry what he will think. He will only show love towards his fans no matter what.

Can you ship me? I'm 5'8", long brown hair, green eyes, and almost 17.



do you ever feel ashamed that you run a ross lynch blog


Eh, it’s not like I obsess over it or go on it and update 24/7

So, Ross has never kissed anyone off camera right? :)


Not too sure about that

Ship? :) I have dirty blonde hair im 5`7, I love art, im 19 years old green eyes, I have little tattoos, my name starts with an R, and I love the outdoors.



Do you still go to R5 concerts?



Wow, not a lot of people have been sending in things.. I haven't been on this page in a while and there still isn't very many new posts lol. That's okay, I still love your page!! I think you're awesome! ;) :)


Yeah I know :(
Thanks though!

Can you ship me? I have dark brown hair and blue eyes. I'm kind of pale and I'm short.